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Laser Graphics




Corporate Logos, Graphics, Animated Text and Animations
Laser Graphics is a dynamic and cost effective way to advertise  and
communicate event information, custom animations, Logos and Text
messages, symbols and Iconic Images, either front or rear  screen
projection from small clubs to large Billboards.

Corporate logos, text messages, computer graphics and animations.

We use computer animation software capable of producing complex-multicolored laser graphics that can be projected as either front or rear projections.

Conferences, Trade Shows, Educational Presentations


The magic effect of laser projection images and the complexity of vector-scanned laser animations is achieved by using precision high speed, closed loop scanners. Controlled by Award Winning Laser Software Controller capable of projecting video images with prfection of geometry correction and focus regardless of surface irregularities. Digital vector information data is delivered to scanner drivers in the form of X,Y vectors and RGB color control modulation and intensity. The result is beautiful laser images that can be easily incorporated into unique lighting settings.




Corporate logos, text messages and animations can be suspended over the audience creating a cost effective way to communicate and advertise your Corporate image or intended message.

Laser Graphics ca be projected as either forward or rear projections,  the images can also be projected on to large building surfaces integrating the architecture of a venue into the event.

Laser Images can also be projected on to smoke or fog screens producing an spectacular holographic effect hovering over the audience.

Laser Raster Video Graphics

Laser projection systems can project low resolution raster type images.  This is accomplished by scanning the laser beam back and forth in a series of closely spaced lines.  The colour information is changed as the beam moves along each line so as to display a TV like raster image.  The scanning system is not fast enough to project more than 60 to 80 lines so the images are low resolution and have to be kept small to achieve close spacing of the lines.



Laser scanners consist  of  small  mirrors  which  are  mounted  on  high speed  precision closed loop  galvanometers  to which a control voltage is applied. The beam is deflected a certain amount which correlates to the amount of voltage applied to the galvanometer scanner. Two galvanometer scanners can enable X-Y control voltages to aim the laser beam to any point on a square or rectangular vector  area. This enables the laser lighting designer to create patterns such as complex computer animations, corporate logos, animated text messages, Lissajous abstract figures and aerial beam work.

We have a large library of laser graphics images, animations, themed oriented shows, holiday shows,  aerial beam work programs and many other complete laser modules synchronized to music. Available in ILDA format, Pangolin, Full Auto, X29, Cypherlite, and Lasermax format computer files in CD ROM, Flash Drive or recorded on  ADAT 8 channel Tapes. Please contact us for more details about our Image and Animations Library Catalog, licensing agreements terms and pricing. We also produce custom Laser animation  programing.




High speed, high precision Cambridge scanners technology in 30K, and 60K configurations driven by closed loop amplifiers

For detail technical specifications of Cambridge Technology Scanning Systems please check here


Newer methods of creating images through the use of galvanometer scanners and X-Y vector configuration with the aid of sophisticated 3D animation software capable of capturing outline tracing from 3D STUDIO MAX computer animated images  and converting the images into X Y Z and RGB  vector outputs thus creating a truly sophisticated and beautiful 3D computer laser images ,  in addition New breakthroughs in software technology allows you to project raster video images using laser light which is sharp and bright and need no focusing.  Beam intensity, blanking and color modulation is corrected by means of direct Laser Power supply driver when using Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers DPSSL or by means of an acusto-optical modulator when using CW ION Lasers, other methods of intensity and color control include the use of additional scanners either for blanking or monochrome projections. RGB scanner modulation is used for full color systems.

Computer generated visual story telling used to be reserved exclusibly for video only, but newer advances in software makes possible the creation of animations with 3D Studio Max and then convert and render  each frame into vectors data that can be used by laser scanners to project animated images.


United Laser Artists Inc.  

"Laser Energy in Motion"

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